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Red Dragon Martial Arts Testimonials

We've been with Master Pagano's Red Dragon Martial Arts for 5 years and it has been a great experience for both our children and for us. He teaches the importance of exercise and disci-pline, but also self-confidence and self worth. Highly recommend for the whole family. They do such a great job with building character in the kids as well as encouraging them to embrace exercise without even realizing how hard they are working. Fun, learning and exercise wrapped into one place. I can't say enough about Master P and his staff
McCourt Family
My 9 year old Son has been attending Master Pagano’s Martial Arts school for over 4 years now. He participates in the classes, camps, and other family events throughout the year. He loves the school, Master P, and the other students…young and old.
Master P is an excellent instructor who not only teaches martial arts, but also teaches his stu-dents about respect, determination, patience and focus. He also helps to build up their self-esteem and self-confidence. He takes a personal interest in his students, pays attention to detail, while also bringing out the best in each of them.
Master Pagano’s studio has a great family atmosphere… with high energy and positive rein-forcement.
I encourage individuals of any age or gender to come in and watch one of his classes. You will love Mrs. Pagano too. You will be happy you did and hopefully sign yourself up and/or a loved one. See you there
Brown Family
Master Pagano's Red Dragon Martial Arts is great for kids and adults. Fun for the whole family! I couldn't be happier with the karate instruction. My son loved it so much, that my daughter and I decided to join as well.
Their 3 month cancellation policy was a selling point. Most karate studios require you to sign a 1 year contract.
Emrich Family
Master P is a wonderful instructor! He is amazing with students of all ages and has the patience of a saint! He knows how to make classes fun while challenging the students to work hard and be disciplined. I can't say enough about Master P and Mrs. P. They run a great business and are dedicated to helping the children grow in their mastery of the martial arts.
Zweier Family
Master Pagano is truly dedicated to his students' success in his program and in their lives. He is totally supportive to his students and goes to great lengths in order to help each individual student achieve their goals teaching them with strong ethics, morals and values. I would highly recommend his school to any parent or individual. Keep on doing what your doing Master Pagano!!!
Aleardi Family
My son loves MasterP and going to karate class. He has been here for more than 3 years now. MasterP jokes with and listens to the kids. My son even decided to have his birthday party here. It was a total blast, and MasterP really made my son feel super special and important that day!
Slifer Family

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DISCIPLINE!!! RESPECT!!! CONFIDENCE!!! FOCUS!!! These are just a few of the tenets that men, women, and children learn and practice every day at Red Dragon Martial Arts.

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