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School & Community Volunteering and Fundraising Programs

1819 Wilmington Pike
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Martial arts can be a very empowering and positive experience for children and adults of all ages and walks of life. We at Red Dragon Martial Arts have seen countless success stories including; Achieving goals, improving gross motor skills, getting better grades in school, and showing more respect to parents and teachers.

Along with helping out at our local schools, we also offer FREE community events at our facility. Anti-bullying, Stranger Awareness, and Women’s Self Defense Seminars are a few ways that we continue to give back to our community. We also host events and parties for different groups such as the boy scouts, Jack and Jill and many others. Below is video of one of our free Women’s Self Defense events.

As a community based academy, we find great pleasure in volunteering our time to help our local schools. In the past we have engineered six week martial arts fundraisers with all proceeds going to the school PTO/PTA. The students have received valuable lessons about respect as well as gained skills for concentration in gym classes! We have volunteered at countless field day and celebration day events lending teachers a hand in any way possible. Westtown Thornbury Elementary, Pennwood Elementary, and Garnet Valley Middle Schools are just a few of the facilities we visited and shared our martial arts activities with. love to continue giving back to the local schools and communities and would like to offer our time to your school.

We work with children of all ages and pride ourselves in being able to convey a positive and educational message to children as young as 3 years old. Numerous preschools such as Thornbury, Chester-brook, Love and Learn, and many others have graciously allowed us to visit and work with their students. We would love to continue giving back to the local schools and communities and would like to offer our time to your school.

  • Self protection assemblies
  • Bully proofing assemblies
  • Anti-Abduction assemblies
  • Career Day
  • Field day and celebration day assistance (setting up obstacle courses, running stations)
  • Karate night fundraising parties
  • 4 or 6 week martial arts fundraising courses
  • Class talks (Topics such as respect, self-control, concentration, etc. are covered)
  • Martial arts gym classes (We can run the gym class for a few days and teach valuable physical fitness and focus skills)


Holly Acosta, Ed, D. : Coeburn Elementary School Principal

“On behalf of Coeburn Elementary School and Coeburn Elementary PTL I would like to thank you for your time and talent on our Celebration Day. You made our event so much fun with your karate demonstrations and obstacle course you set up. The students really enjoyed it.”

Harriette Tuttle : Thornbury Preschool Owner

“I have had the pleasure of working with Joe Pagano from the fall of 2007 until present time. He has always been punctual and enthusiastic. Mr. Pagano has demonstrated warmth and a genuine caring for all the students. His activities have been age appropriate and well received by the students. He has always left our facility neat and orderly. I highly recommend him for your consideration.”

Kim Wagner Valley Midd

“It was a wonderful experience for our students when you visited our physical education classes. All 60 of our students were engaged for the entire class period. Your use of fun activities had the students being physically active without realizing what a fantastic workout they were receiving. I especially appreciate all of the respect you showed to each student as we have many students with learning differences in our classes. We are looking forward to having you visit Garnet Valley Middle School next year.”

“As a health and Physical education teacher at Garnet Valley middle school I was excited to have Joe Pagano from Red Dragon Martial Arts come in to school to teach and instruct our students. Many of the students were nervous and unsure before we began as it was their first experience with martial arts. Right from the start Joe grabbed their attention making the class fun, exciting and unique. Joe not only made what was intimidating at first easy to learn and be successful, but was motivating and encouraging throughout the classes. He challenged the students also by emphasizing the value of physical fitness. He provided great instruction, but gave the students a lot of time to practice the skills and enjoy themselves. I am very excited that garnet valley students were exposed to a great sport, and a great instructor in Joe.”

Bryan Tingle PE teach at Garnet Valley Middle School

Master Pagano does a great job teaching martial arts skills and self-defense to my students of all abilities. He is upbeat and positive and my students really enjoy it! I love the way he and incorporates fitness and flexibility into his lessons and the kids have a blast while getting to try out kicking and punching skills. It is a great opportunity for my students to get exposed to martial arts and practice some self-defense. It’s a fun two days and I highly recommend you give it a try!
Ashley McCusker
Garnet Valley Middle School PE Teacher

Mr. James W. Davis : Physical Education Teacher at Westtown-Thornbury Elementary School

“Mr. Pagano has a gift for teaching elementary-aged children. He has a natural rapport with kids and is able to connect with them quickly. His lessons were very structured and followed developmentally appropriate progressions for all the children. He was organized, prepared for each of his lessons, and was able to successfully manage a large group of children with relative ease. Mr. Pagano was able to command the attention of the children at all times, yet always did so in a positive and engaging manner. He showed great enthusiasm during each of his lessons and that enthusiasm was met in turn by that of the kids’ enjoyment. Our children really had fun with Mr. Pagano and learned important life lessons in the process.”


Paula Marshall : Hilltop Elementary School

“Mr. Pagano presented a karate class lesson to the students of Hilltop Elementary School. The purpose of the class was to introduce karate to the students and to encourage them to join an after school program. The $25.00 fee for six classes was donated to the Hilltop Home and School Association. Over 100 students enrolled!! I was very pleased with how the class was conducted. Mr. Pagano had immediate control of the class and kept the students enthusiastic throughout the entire lesson. His conduct was professional and he demonstrated complete knowledge of the subject matter. I was impressed how well Mr. Pagano “adapted” the lesson for our primary grades so they would feel comfortable and safe.”

Penn Wood Elementary School

Red Dragon Martial Arts visited Penn Wood Elementary School to share the Art with each and every class from Kindergarten to grade 5. Each class had two visits set up during their regular Physical Education time. The children seemed to really have fun with the Instructors. Red Dragon has also agreed to be part of the rewards program for the Summer Exercise Challenge during the summer of 2016. Red Dragon has been to Penn Wood before and has been part of the end of the year Field Day where they work a 15 minute station for each class in grades 3-5 to visit during the morning Field Day time slot. This is totally voluntary and Red Dragon never hesitates to be involved. You can`t go wrong by inviting them into your school to work with your children during Gym class and/or having them be part of the end of the year Field Day. William H. Young Jr. Physical Education Instructor Penn Wood Elementary School West Chester Area School District.

Rustin High School

Master Pagano and the Red Dragon Martials Arts team are great! I am a high school PE teacher and I asked Master Pagano to come in and assist me with teaching Self-Defense and Martial Arts techniques. It was a great experience for both myself and my students. We all learned so much and the students really enjoyed their time with him! After his visit to school I decided to take a kickboxing class at the Red Dragon Martial Arts studio. It was awesome! He even took the time to work with me individually to make sure I had enough practice to teach it to my own students! I asked Master Pagano to visit again during the second semester. He was very flexible in working with a difficult schedule and again, the students enjoyed his presentation. I will absolutely be contacting Red Dragon Martial Arts for assistance in the future! Christina Vecchiolli Health and Physical Education Rustin High School West Chester Area School District

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DISCIPLINE!!! RESPECT!!! CONFIDENCE!!! FOCUS!!! These are just a few of the tenets that men, women, and children learn and practice every day at Red Dragon Martial Arts.

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